Bluedot Consulting is a company born to face the new challenges of the mining industry providing consulting services in hydrogeology. We understand a global need to reduce production costs, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards in technical quality and business insight across all activities.


We seek to be an alternative in the hydrogeology consulting market, providing strategic and competitive solutions, delivered in a nimble and timely manner, and driven by technical excellence, innovation and business integrity.



While technical excellence is embedded in our core, it is a premise for us to plan our solutions understanding the global context of the projects we are entrusted with. Therefore, we strive to offer solutions based on the strategic requirements of our clients, identifying the main aspects contributing to the sustainability of the projects, key to their long-term success. Our experience interacting with key stakeholders, allows us to factor in the fundamental role of authorities, communities and the environment.


We are specialists in the analysis and interpretation of hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical data, in order to understand the dynamics of surface and groundwater systems. This allows us to establish conceptual and numerical models, depending on the objectives of our clients, selecting the appropriate technical approaches and efficient computational tools, tailored to the characteristics of each project.



  • Hydrogeological characterization and water quality studies
  • Hydrogeology and water quality baseline studies
  • QA/QC of water quality analyses and preparation of monitoring reports
  • Hydraulic tests data analyses
  • Conceptual models of groundwater flow and contaminant transport
  • Monitoring campaigns: groundwater levels, surface flows, water quality and isotopes
  • Pumping tests and slug tests supervision
  • Flow and contaminant transport
  • Variable density flow
  • Unsaturated zone flow
  • Pit dewatering and depressurization
  • Soil covers for closure with climatic coupling
  • Heap leach and waste rock infiltration
  • Tailing storage facilities
  • Groundwater Vistas, GMS, Visual MODFLOW, FEFLOW, SEEP/W, SvFlux
  • Hydrogeochemical modeling with PHREEQC
  • Meteorological and hydrological characterization
  • Site-wide and facility-specific water balances in GoldSim
  • Stochastic precipitation, evaporation and runoff models in GoldSim
  • Water balances for recharge estimation
  • Climate and hydrology baseline studies
  • Climate change analysis on hydrological variables
  • Strategic consulting for the presentation of projects to Environmental Assessment System
  • Technical and strategic support for client interaction with communities and authorities (PACs)
  • Expert audits of hydrogeological models (conceptual and numerical)
  • Definition of monitoring networks for baseline studies and environmentally sensitive ecosystems
  • Early warning and monitoring plans
  • Data automation, data processing and database management
  • Technical training in hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry



Partner – Senior Civil Hydraulic Engineer, M. Sc.

Specialist in Hydrogeology and Modeling

Javier has 17 years of experience in hydrogeology and hydraulic engineering. He has participated as a strategic consultant and advisor in hydrogeology for major mining clients, both national and international (BHP, Escondida, Teck, Kinross, Anglo American, among others). He has specialized in the analysis of hydrogeological background information for Environmental Impact Studies and in the development of conceptual and numerical models. In this role, he has focused on the strategic support of his clients for interactions with authorities and communities during the evaluation process. He has worked as project manager, team leader and discipline leader, participating in projects in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Spain and Portugal. His experience includes specific topics such as unsaturated flow, variable density flow in saline aquifers, pit dewatering and depressurization, assessment of environmentally sensitive ecosystems, contaminant transport, assessments of groundwater resources and site-wide water balances. At the same time, since 2003 he has actively participated in research and academic activities at the University of Chile, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to groundwater hydraulics and its applications.


Partner – Senior Hydrogeologist, M. Sc.

Specialist in Hydrogeology and Hydrochemistry

Amparo has 12 years of experience in hydrogeology and hydraulic engineering, developing field data collection campaigns, conceptual hydrogeological-hydrogeochemical models, and numerical models. She has developed her career in the mining industry, particularly in the north of Chile and South America, addressing problems related to availability and contamination of water resources. Her largest area of expertise corresponds to the development of conceptual and numerical studies to understand the dynamics of surface and groundwater systems. She has a strong technical background in disciplines complementary to hydrogeology, such as geochemistry and numerical modeling. This allows her to incorporate all relevant aspects for an integral system characterization, being able to define baselines and impact assessments on projects submitted to the SEA. In addition, she has experience in field campaigns, including supervision of well drilling (RC), water quality and isotope monitoring, pumping and slug tests, and data collection from pluviometers, lysimeters and evaporimeters. She has worked as project manager, efficiently managing and coordinating different technical and administrative disciplines. Since 2011 she has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in areas of hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, hydraulics and geology, in the University of Chile.


Partner – Senior Hydrologist

Specialist in Hydrology and Water Balance Modeling

Javiera has 12 years of experience in hydrology and hydraulic engineering in general. She has worked in consulting, mainly for the mining industry, as a project engineer, project manager and technical leader. She has specialized on the analysis and simulation of hydrological and meteorological variables, hydrological modeling of basins, and water balance modeling. The hydrological studies she has developed have been framed in the context of baseline definitions and environmental impact assessment studies, and also in support of hydraulic design and planning for extreme hydrometeorological events. Her work in the development of water balances, especially site-wide but also for specific facilities, has been centered in giving strategic support in matters of mine water availability and management. Her experience also includes stochastic generation of climatic variables and climate change analysis, as fundamental components in future planning regarding water resources. She has participated in national mining projects, with an emphasis on mining in northern Chile, but also in international projects in the region, being familiar with the hydrology of desertic, altiplanic and tropical climates. She has extensive experience in the use and development of GoldSim models and in the development of user training in its application.


We are a company that seeks to be recognized for its great human value, integrity and technical excellence. We want to generate long-term, trusting relationships with our clients, helping them succeed in their challenges. We strive to provide nimble and efficient solutions. We are a team of people with great passion for what we do, committed to our society and the environment, and to a high ethical standard in the development of our businesses, a true reflection of our values.


We firmly believe that transparency and honesty are the basis for creating long-term, trusting relationships with our clients, employees and all the people with whom we interact.


We relate to our clients, our team and our environment, adopting the utmost commitment. We consider it another fundamental pillar of long-term relationships, and therefore, a priority in our services.


We see excellence as a way of doing things rather than a result. We are passionate about quality and innovation in all areas, to provide strategic, competitive and efficient solutions, in a nimble and timely manner for our clients.


We develop all our activities with an absolute commitment towards health and safety principles. We see it as a reflection of the value we place and the respect we have for our integrity, our families, our society and everyone involved in our projects. We believe in having a culture of leadership and efficient management of health and safety.


Everyone in Bluedot, and all the people related to us, are considered important to its success. We do not make distinction of race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation in our bussiness and professional relationships. We strive to be a gender-balance and diverse organization.


We responsibly support our clients and our society in the development of our projects, with a focus on sustainability in its broadest sense. For us, sustainability means the preservation over time of everything that has a value and positively impacts our present and the legacy we want for future generations; from the environment to the continuous progress and adaptability of our society.